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What are the common functions of tower fans?


General functions of Tower Fan

Various air supply functions such as sleep wind, beach wind, mountain wind, natural wind, and normal wind;

Additional features about Tower Fan

1. Air freshening function

Aromatherapy function - adding fragrance to the circulating air through the aromatherapy box placed at the fan inlet;

Humidification refrigeration - By placing a water tank at the air inlet and adding ice cubes, the air is cooled through ice, but the effect is average;

Negative ion function - A negative ion generator is installed inside the fan body to generate high concentrations of negative ions and achieve fresh air;

Photocatalyst freshness - By setting up a photocatalyst filtration module, air freshness and disinfection can be achieved;

2. Intelligent control function

Generally, a "microcomputer temperature sensing system" is added to achieve intelligent control of the air supply volume by sensing changes in room temperature

3. Power outage memory function

Remember the last state when the user used the fan, and turn it on to enter the final state directly

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