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                                          6 Inch Table Fan DeskTop Use
                                          • 6 Inch Table Fan DeskTop Use6 Inch Table Fan DeskTop Use

                                          6 Inch Table Fan DeskTop Use

                                          Ciamo 6 Inch Table Fan DeskTop use, proudly made in China. This sleek and stylish fan is the perfect accessory for any room, whether you're looking to cool down a stuffy office or simply add a touch of class to your home.

                                          Model: FT15-1

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                                          Product Description

                                          In Cimao manufacturing facility based in China, we take pride in the 6 Inch Table Fan DeskTop use of premium products that surpass expectations. Our team of skilled experts meticulously crafts each fan, adhering to rigorous standards in design, functionality, and safety. Utilizing the finest materials and incorporating cutting-edge technologies, we create products that seamlessly blend functionality and style, delivering unparalleled value.

                                          In terms of design, the Ciamo 6-Inch Table Fan for Desktop use embodies a blend of sophistication and modern aesthetics. Its stylish black exterior and compact dimensions make it an ideal choice for various settings, whether it's your bedroom or workspace. Additionally, with its CE certification, you can have confidence in its adherence to essential safety standards.

                                          One of the best things about the Ciamo 6 Inch Table Fan DeskTop use is its customizable features. You can choose different fan speeds and oscillation options to suit your specific needs. Whether you want a gentle breeze to cool you down or a stronger gust to circulate the air in your room, this fan has got you covered. Plus, thanks to its low price, you won't have to break the bank to enjoy its benefits.

                                          The 6-inch desktop fan is widely applicable in various settings, including but not limited to:

                                          Office Desk: Placed on the office desk, providing a fresh airflow for work or study, enhancing comfort.

                                          Bedroom: Positioned on the bedroom table or bedside, offering a tranquil sleep environment and reducing room temperature.

                                          Study Room: Placed on the study desk to aid concentration and improve learning efficiency.

                                          Living Room: Enhances overall comfort in the living room by providing additional air circulation.

                                          Workspace: Placed in the workspace or creative area, ensuring air circulation and maintaining a conducive work environment.

                                          Small Office: Suitable for small offices, providing additional ventilation for employees.

                                          Desk Work Area: Placed on the desk in a work area, ensuring sufficient airflow in a confined space.

                                          In general, this 6-inch desktop fan is versatile, creating a fresh and comfortable atmosphere in various environments.

                                          Model No. Description LOADING

                                          6"TABLE FAN

                                          220-240V 100-127V 50/60Hz 15W

                                          MESH GRILL

                                          2 Speed

                                          48x48x12 CCA Motor


                                          Ctnsize: 49x41.5x44cm 8.2/9.2Kg





                                          1.PRICE VALID ONLY :60DAYS

                                          2.MOQ :40HQ

                                          3.BS PLUG :+USD0.35

                                          4.Based on 1USD=7.3+-0.10RMB


                                          6.Full cooper motor : +0.25--0.5USD

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